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Whether you call yourself a yogi,
or you’ve never stepped foot in a studio before, there’s one thing you should know:


You don’t need to learn secret lingo or wear fancy gear to join our club.
All you need to bring is your beginner’s mind and discover a way of being you never knew existed.



The Fremantle Yoga Centre is a well-established school that has been operating for 30 years. Founded by Kale and Nikki Leaf, it has been the heart and soul of everything yoga –related in Fremantle ever since the doors opened.

In 2013 we opened our second studio, Off the Wall in Petra St, East Fremantle, so that more people could access our community. (And because, honestly, we got so popular, we needed another space.)

Our classes are mainly on the mat, but we also have classes on an adjustable wall system of ropes and straps unique to Western Australia, allowing us to cater for more specialized yoga needs.

Currently run by Kate Porotto, both studios offer close to 60 classes a week with 18 highly trained and experienced instructors teaching and leading various styles of yoga.

Our 2 year Yoga Teacher Training Program has educated more than 500 students, many of whom are amongst the most senior and renowned instructors in Perth.


Kate Porotto
Kate is a yoga instructor with a sweet spot for women’s and pregnancy yoga.As the director of the Fremantle Yoga Centre and Off the Wall Yoga, Kate brings 20 years of practice and a strong foundation in alignment and strength. When Kate’s not helping women discover their power to birth, she’s mothering her own 4 children and running 2 businesses (but still finds time to attend the occasional Cacao Ceremony at the centre).
Kale Leaf
With over 40 years of teaching, Kale founded the Fremantle Yoga Centre 30 years ago and continues his involvement in the comprehensive two-year Yoga Teacher Training course. Kale initially turned to yoga while searching for a cure for his debilitating back problem. Since then, Kale has become a reputable leader in the field and now specialises in therapeutic yoga to achieve specific and positive outcomes for his students. Having explored traditions such as Iyengar and Ashtanga, Kale finally crafted his unique ‘Flow Form’ yoga and therapeutic techniques that have transformed thousands of lives.
James Mcintyre
James is a dedicated Hatha Yoga practitioner who has been practising yoga daily for over 25 years. As well as being an established yoga teachter, guiding beginners, experienced and therapeutic classes, James has been a consulting homoeopath since 1992. James has a particular interest in pranayama (breath work) and meditation, which he practices under the guidance of the Kaivalydham tradition.
Mary Swan
Mary has been a yoga teacher since 1978. With four kids and six grandchildren, yoga has provided a wonderful base of strength and awareness in her life. Mary has studied in Pune, India, under Gita Iyengar, and Donna Holleman in Indonesia. As well as being an established yoga teacher, Mary founded a healing practice in Fremantle, The Tisso Healing Centre.
Edda came to yoga in the 1970’s through a desire to gain a greater awareness and understanding of herself. Edda has practiced Iyengar, Hatha, Ashtanga and other forms of yoga and has been blessed to study both in Perth and overseas with many wonderful teachers, including BKS Iyengar, Shandor Remete, Monica Gauci and Gregor Maehle. Edda’s classes are inspired and informed by decades of learning, sharing and practice.
Jane has been practising and studying yoga for over fifteen years. She earned her teacher's certificate from the Fremantle Yoga Centre in 2006 and in 2012 became a Level 2 certified teacher with Yoga Australia. Jane has a special interest in applying the 8 limbs of yoga to her own practice and teachings. She believes the therapeutic application of a yoga wall means that those with scoliosis, back, neck, knee or hip injuries, postural alignment problems or arthritis can practice yoga postures to bring long lasting pain relief.
Steph has been a student of Hatha Yoga since 1995, and a teacher since 2003. developing and maintaining a daily personal practice since 1997. Strongly influenced by both the Iyengar & Ashtanga traditions, she places equal importance on both alignment & breath in her teaching. Steph believes that within our bodies lies our innate wisdom. All of our learning, knowing and healing resides inside us, waiting for be discovered.
Karren has been practising yoga for 24 years, teaching for 17 and officially qualified for 15 years. Karren rehabilitated her condition of Scoliosis with the help of Kale Leaf at the Fremantle Yoga Centre and has explored a wide range of different styles of Yoga over the years. Karren also studied under Simon Borg-Olivier - Yoga Instructor and Physiotherapist at Synergy Yoga School, Sydney. Karren teaches the philosophy component of our Teacher Training Certification.
Peter first started practising yoga in 2006 looking for something to increase his strength, flexibility, and general physical health. Peter completed a 350 hour teacher-training course at the Fremantle Yoga Centre and his approach to teaching is to balance physical asana (postures), movement, and breath, working to his students’ own abilities. Peter’s students appreciate his sense of calmness that encourages participants to discover a deeper relaxation.
Fiona began her yoga journey in 1999 with the Sivananda Yoga Organisation in the Bahamas and Canada. After completing her teacher training, her travels have seen her share yoga in QLD, Broome, Regional WA and now Perth. Since 2009 Fiona has been a student of Victor Chng (Yin Yoga in Singapore) and teaches Yin Yoga classes throughout Perth. Fiona runs workshops and retreats from Perth, to regional W.A to Indonesia (where she supports grassroots marine conversation projects. Being a passionate advocate of Yin Yoga, Fiona loves to share the healing benefits with her students and fellow seekers.
Sarah attended her first yoga class at the age of 15 in the Perth Hills and now practices regularly. Sarah is an Occupational Therapist with a variety of experiences working with rehabilitation. While traveling through Bali and India Sarah developed her knowledge in a wide variety of Yoga styles and techniques. In 2014, Sarah completed the two-year Yoga Teacher Training course through the centre under senior teacher Kale Leaf.
Sarah is a qualified Yoga Instructor who studied at the Fremantle Yoga Centre. Mentored by Kate Porotto for two years, she has a great passion for Pregnancy and Women’s Yoga and teaches these classes at both centres.
Julian is a Didjeridu teacher, healer and performer with a passionate interest in Aboriginal culture and music. Through teaching, healing and performing Didjeridu (Yidaki), Julian aims to share the spirit respectfully and to connect people with nature through the various rhythms, songs and nature calls. Over the last 20 years Julian has collaborated with several Noongar and Arnhem Land Yolgnu Elders, both musically and culturally, and he feels honoured to have their approval and blessing to perform, heal and teach. Julian has conducted healing sessions and performances throughout U.S.A, Canada, Europe and Australia.
Donna Hamilton
Donna is the Director’s Assistant for both Fremantle Yoga Centre and Off the Wall Yoga, working in the background to keep both centres (and our director) humming along.  She is a warm, gentle yoga teacher with a a background in communications, dance and community development and a special interest in womens/pregnancy yoga.  Donna sees yoga as a precious resource at the heart of our community and loves sharing it with people to improve the quality of their individual and collective lives.  Her teaching emphasises tuning in to your own body to increase your sense of wellbeing and develop confidence to direct your own progress – both on and off the mat.  She has been practicing yoga since 1995 and recently graduated from the Fremantle Yoga Centre Teacher Training.
Walt Johnston
Walt’s yoga and movement knowledge is influenced from a background of not only Vinyasa, Power and Iyengar yoga but also Muay Thai Kickboxing. A professional musician, Walt studied contemporary drumset and percussion at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and includes sound healing to his class repertoire. Walt’s classes are suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced, where the student can expect a strong but nurturing class. The classes aim to use yoga’s physical asana practice to build strength, flexibility and confidence in other sporting or movement disciplines.
Phoebe Phillips
Phoebe’s teaching is focused on Vinyasa and Hatha styles of yoga with a strong Iyengar influence.  Alongside her yoga Phoebe is a textile artist working mainly on a wooden handloom, a practice that shares the slow meditative quality of yoga. Phoebe combines her creative experience and knowledge of yoga to offer her students a unique, explorative, and enriching yoga class. As a second-generation yogi, Phoebe is honoured to join the Fremantle Yoga Centre teaching community and be mentored by the same teachers as her father was in the late eighties.
Victoria Valdebenito Mac Farlane
Victoria has been practicing yoga since 2003 while she was studying an undergraduate in Sociology in Valparaíso, Chile her home country. Being a runner at the time, yoga became part of her weekly routine, little by little spending more days on the mat. She first came to Western Australia to study a Master in Education at UWA in 2011. She started her training at the Fremantle Yoga Centre in 2016. She is also a therapeutic clown since 2008, and from 2011 she works for the “Clown Doctor Program” run by the Humour Foundation at Fiona Stanley and Princess Margaret Hospital.


“Amazing Yoga experience. Love the way yoga is taught by Kate. You can feel and experience the passion in her. I'm so happy to be able to take classes with her, which help me to find balance in my life.”


“The open class was awesome! Very friendly group of people, and I loved the rope work. Ahhhhh!”


“Magic stretches, calmness, relaxation, strength work- body mind & soul rejuvenated.”


“No matter how long it’s been between visits, coming to Fremantle Yoga Centre always feels like coming home. Beyond that, it's the best space, with the best teachers...and no matter where they teach you can always tell a teacher that has trained at FYC. It’s the same great attention to, and knowledge of, technique, and to the needs of the individual.

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