If I could describe the experience of pregnancy yoga at our centre in one word, it would be… liberation.

I’m Kate Porotto and after 15 years of teaching and training in yoga for pregnancy and birth, I’m not surprised when mamas to be tell me they ‘never knew my body was capable of this power.’ In my experience, women underestimate the wisdom of the body, as much as they underestimate themselves. That’s my biggest delight in guiding pregnancy yoga classes. To witness a woman fully realising just how powerful and amazing her body is.

I’ve trained with renowned leaders in the field of active pregnancy and birth, such as Dr Sarah Buckley, Janet Balaskas, Janet Clarfield and Birth International. Besides the professional training, I’ve birthed 4 of my own babies and been present at over 200 births. To say yoga for pregnancy is my passion is partly true. Actually, this work is my calling. I was born to help women trust their body to birth, and trust themselves to nurture their children. (Lots of dads are empowered by my work too… they realise they can have a role that’s active and supportive, rather than playing the passive spectator.)

These pregnancy yoga classes are designed specifically for pregnant women and are highly educational.


Learn how to look after yourself during your pregnancy journey.
You will feel prepared and ready for the birth itself, physically, emotionally and mentally.
You will experience better quality of sleep.
Common complaints of lower back and hip pain will be significantly reduced.
Ease nausea, heartburn and reflux
Prevent fluid retention and carpel tunnel syndrome.
Increased strength and flexibility providing you with strong legs to give birth.
Strength your pelvic floor and support abdominal muscles to assist birth as well as recovery.
Feel more comfortable during pregnancy.
You will encourage optimal foetal positioning for a better birth experience.
Learn relaxation and meditation techniques, which are the key to a good birth experience.
Feel held in a safe space for self-inquiry throughout the physical and emotional changes that pregnancy brings.


The pregnancy yoga classes are part practice, part inspiration and part birthing education. You will feel inspired to believe in your powerful body and encouraged to make the mental shifts into greater self-belief. The aim is to help you have a healthy, comfortable pregnancy and feel empowered to have the birth you want.

  • You will learn important skills you need for birth, and discover your inner resources to assist you as a new parent.
  • Discover the 3 essential tonings required for a healthy pregnancy: pelvic floor, abdominal and vocal toning.
  • Access an in-the-flesh powerhouse of birthing wisdom that will transform the way you think and feel about bringing your baby into the world.


Hi, I’m Kate Porotto. I specialise in women’s and pregnancy yoga. It’s my passion and calling to help women discover their power to give birth. So many women don’t realise what they are capable of, until they reach pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a personally empowering and transformative experience, as I help you let go of fear and emerge powerful and prepared for the birth itself. With 4 children of my own, I’ve assisted at over 200 births. To complement women’s pregnancy yoga classes, I also conduct regular “Preparation For Birth” workshops for women and their partners. My experience in pregnancy and my knowledge of mothering instincts, birth and babies makes me a go-to teacher for pregnant women here in Fremantle and beyond. 


If you are interested in speaking with Kate about her Birth Support Services please email her directly at to book a chat. Payment plans are available for some of our packages, please contact Kate for more information.



“Pregnancy yoga at Fremantle allowed me to deeply relax and ease aches and pains and prepare for my birth. Kate's insightful teaching and passion allowed me to have a truly wonderful pregnancy and birth experience and I have always recommended this class.”


“I came to Kate after attending stretch and renew classes occasionally on Sunday's (which I loved) at 18 weeks pregnant for pregnancy yoga. Every week I came to class, as I could not miss out! It made my pregnant body feel amazing, and gave me precious time to connect with my baby. Kate knows on a deeper level, when something's going on in your body or your mind and will tailor the practice to suit. Honestly it was, along with the birth preparation class, the best 'preparation' for birth and motherhood. I loved it and miss it. I ended up in the same mothers group as some of the girls I did prenatal yoga with, such a wonderful connection. I have recommended the class and Kate as a yoga teacher to many of my pregnant friends and would to anyone.


“I took this class when I was expecting my first child (highly recommended by another fellow yogi). Although I haven't practiced any other yoga class at your studio Kate's pregnancy class is absolutely motivating, caring, tells it how it is and gives mothers far more encouragement & tools to exceed all they can be leading up to birth and during. I never in my mind thought I could give birth naturally (well was terrified to say the least) and after committing weekly practices in the pregnancy class with Kate mantras/asanas/music I successfully gave birth naturally.
I am so thankful to come across a yoga teacher who lives and breathes all of yoga.”


“This beautiful woman rocks my world... Kate Porotto-Nelson you certainly have helped me reshape it. I appreciate you as my friend and yoga mentor, helping me to find a REAL balance and harmony in my body, heart and soul with the practice you teach. My little one is also receiving your love and the experience... I truly value the opportunity to connect with my developing baby, and my own spirit, when I am in class with you or practicing yoga that you teach at home.”


“I showed up in Kate’s class, 6 months pregnant with a fused and heavily operated spine that medically left me with only two options for birth, either a natural 100% drug free birth or full anaesthesia and a complex recovery. Class after class, I started believing in the wisdom and power of my body, preparing my mind and finding my inner strength for the journey ahead. Thanks to Kate we had a beautiful, short and unforgettable water birth and very smooth recovery that before going to the Fremantle Yoga Centre I would have never thought possible. My connection to my baby, to my body and to my inner wisdom are all gifts that I received from Kate’s teaching. Me and my family will be forever grateful to her.”


“Friends of mine recommended the pregnancy classes at Fremantle Yoga Centre. I have been attending them ever since and believe it has made my pregnancy so much lighter! Not only did it help me connect to being pregnant as a first timer, but also to the little wonder that's been growing inside of me.
The classes help me stay flexible and strong and with the daily exercises I have taken from them, I have been able to feel great throughout this journey!
With all the heart that Kate puts in her classes, she empowers, loves and has been a wealth of information for me. Kate certainly contributed to preparing me to be in the right head and heart space for the pregnancy and birthing process. To me the focus on yoga techniques and breath, when practiced, is a true gift that keeps on giving.. Pregnant or not :).
I am 38 weeks now so not long before I pop, but will continue with my practice until our little one arrives and beyond!
Thanks so much for your guidance.”


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