Workshops (by date created)
January 18, 2018
Sacred Dance with Susana Frioni
Sexy and wild. Fun and liberating. Empowering and life-changing. Sacred Dance with Susana is a unique opportunity for women to come together and unleash their body and soul on the dancefloor so they can remember how to access and express their most powerful, radiant and revolutionary selves. Set to a curated playlist, Susana's powerful yet gentle guidance will lead you on a journey of freedom and empowerment as you dance your way through seven transformative phases: awaken, play, purge, surrender, remember, rise and anchor. The effects of this embodied experience are known to gift women the connection, confidence, and clarity they've been longing for.
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June 23, 2018
Yoga Holiday/Retreat with Kale and Kate in Thailand
Two weeks, two locations, Two of Australia’s best teachers - Kale Leaf and Kate Porotto-Nelson Escape next winter with Kale and Kate from Fremantle Yoga Centre, to two beautiful locations in Thailand, steeped in spiritual traditions, for two weeks of yoga, meditation, nature, fun, relaxation, healthy living and happiness.
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