Expect to get a high quality level of training and skills in specialised areas of yoga.

You will finish this course as a Level 1 Yoga Australia teacher, gain certification in Anatomy and Physiology, Pregnancy Yoga, Therapy Yoga, Yoga for Children and have completed a comprehensive Philosophy and History of Yoga course.

Why choose to train with us? This training has more practical, hands on hours than any other training in Australia. Plus you will be mentored by some of the most experienced yoga teachers in the country.

You will be welcomed into our yoga community with open arms and mentored through your own personal journey so you can inspire others from a place of authentic personal experience.

We believe the two-year duration is necessary for you to truly embody what it takes to be an inspiring teacher of high integrity.



  • Applicants need to have attended regular yoga classes for a minimum of one year and have established a personal practice.
  • Attending intermediate/experienced classes at the Fremantle Yoga Centre will be necessary to assess suitability for the course.
  • If interested, you’ll need to meet with Kate Porotto to discuss course requirements and ask questions.

What Does the Teacher Training Cover?

  • Developing a deeper understanding of the yoga postures.
  • Formulating your own practice.
  • Yogic Philosophy Ethics & Lifestyle.
  • Yogic Physiology – Nadis , Koshas, Chakras, Gunas.
  • Teaching methodology
  • Techniques – theory & practice of asana, pranayama, bandhas, mudras.
  • Learning correct method of adjustment.
  • Therapeutic application of the postures for specialised problems.
  • How to teach pregnancy and women’s yoga.
  • The use of yoga props.
  • Meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Communication skills – how to communicate the postures to students.
  • Introduction to Ayurveda and how it relates to yoga.
  • Sanskrit – basic sanskrit of yoga asanas including pronunciation.
  • A full Anatomy and Physiology course specifically designed for the yoga training course.
  • Integrative practice & teaching – assisting in classes, supervised teaching practise.

What You Are Required To Do:

  • Develop your personal yoga practice.
  • Attend an intermediate and/or experienced class twice a week. (Not included in the course fees).
  • Learn/Assist in one beginner’s and or one therapy class per week.
  • Observe and assist in some of the pregnancy/women’s classes throughout the course.
  • A First Aid Course. (Not included in the course fees)
  • Take thorough notes throughout the course. Assignments will be given and must be completed for certification. This includes a main research assignment on a yoga topic of interest to you.

The Qualification:

A minimum of 350 hours training and will be automatically eligible for a Level I teaching qualification.

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  • Introduction to Teacher Training & Yoga Therapy.
  • Yoga Therapy – The Spine.
  • Bandhas & Mudras.
  • Anatomy & Physiology.
  • Sanskrit – Asana translation.
  • Backbends & twists.
  • Yoga Therapy – Neck & Shoulders.
  • Inversions – Headstands & Supported Poses.
  • Inversions – Handstands & Supported Poses.
  • Pranayama.
  • Yogic Philosophy.
  • Yoga Therapy – Knees & Hips.
  • Ayurveda.
  • Meditation & Breathing.
  • Yoga For Pregnancy, Birth & Post-Natal.
  • Yoga Nidra.
  • Asanas
  • Sequencing techniques.
  • Philosophy, Ethics & Lifestyle.
  • Teaching Techniques.


  • Introduction to Teacher Training & Yoga Therapy.
  • Yoga Therapy – The Spine.
  • Bandhas & Mudras. • Anatomy & Physiology.
  • Sanskrit – Asana translation.
  • Backbends & twists.
  • Yoga Therapy – Neck & Shoulders.
  • Inversions – Headstands & Supported Poses.
  • Pranayama.
  • Yogic Philosophy.
  • Yoga Therapy – Knees & Hips.
  • Ayurveda.
  • Meditation & Breathing.
  • Yoga For Pregnancy, Birth & Post-Natal.
  • Yoga Nidra.
  • Asanas
  • Sequencing techniques.
  • Philosophy, Ethics & Lifestyle.
  • Teaching Techniques.


Kate Porotto
Kate is a yoga instructor with a sweet spot for women’s and pregnancy yoga.As the director of the Fremantle Yoga Centre and Off the Wall Yoga, Kate brings 20 years of practice and a strong foundation in alignment and strength. When Kate’s not helping women discover their power to birth, she’s mothering her own 4 children and running 2 businesses (but still finds time to attend the occasional Cacao Ceremony at the centre).
Kale Leaf
With over 40 years of teaching, Kale founded the Fremantle Yoga Centre 30 years ago and continues his involvement in the comprehensive two-year Yoga Teacher Training course. Kale initially turned to yoga while searching for a cure for his debilitating back problem. Since then, Kale has become a reputable leader in the field and now specialises in therapeutic yoga to achieve specific and positive outcomes for his students. Having explored traditions such as Iyengar and Ashtanga, Kale finally crafted his unique ‘Flow Form’ yoga and therapeutic techniques that have transformed thousands of lives.
James Mcintyre
James is a dedicated Hatha Yoga practitioner who has been practising yoga daily for over 25 years. As well as being an established yoga teachter, guiding beginners, experienced and therapeutic classes, James has been a consulting homoeopath since 1992. James has a particular interest in pranayama (breath work) and meditation, which he practices under the guidance of the Kaivalydham tradition.
Jane has been practising and studying yoga for over fifteen years. She earned her teacher's certificate from the Fremantle Yoga Centre in 2006 and in 2012 became a Level 2 certified teacher with Yoga Australia. Jane has a special interest in applying the 8 limbs of yoga to her own practice and teachings. She believes the therapeutic application of a yoga wall means that those with scoliosis, back, neck, knee or hip injuries, postural alignment problems or arthritis can practice yoga postures to bring long lasting pain relief.
Steph has been a student of Hatha Yoga since 1995, and a teacher since 2003. developing and maintaining a daily personal practice since 1997. Strongly influenced by both the Iyengar & Ashtanga traditions, she places equal importance on both alignment & breath in her teaching. Steph believes that within our bodies lies our innate wisdom. All of our learning, knowing and healing resides inside us, waiting for be discovered.
Karren has been practising yoga for 24 years, teaching for 17 and officially qualified for 15 years. Karren rehabilitated her condition of Scoliosis with the help of Kale Leaf at the Fremantle Yoga Centre and has explored a wide range of different styles of Yoga over the years. Karren also studied under Simon Borg-Olivier - Yoga Instructor and Physiotherapist at Synergy Yoga School, Sydney. Karren teaches the philosophy component of our Teacher Training Certification.



The course runs on a 24 module rotation system and starts every 3 months during the year.



Two years part-time (350 hours) –
1 Saturday or Sunday per month for 2 years.


The total cost of the course is $6600.00. The deposit of $1200.00 (Non-refundable) is to be paid prior to course commencing. The course can be paid in full or the student can set up a direct debit of 24 monthly payments . The fees must be paid into the Fremantle Yoga Centre Account on the first day of every month. (Cash or cheque payments are not accepted, unless it is the initial deposit).

If you choose to pay in full the cost will be $6300.00 ($300 discount) $1200.00 deposit and $5100.00 on commencement of course.


Students will receive a list for books that are required and suggested. They will be responsible for buying their own books.

You will still have to pay to attend your personal yoga classes, however if you are assisting in a class no fee is payable.

Additional Workshops and training series held at the Fremantle Yoga Centre that are not included in the course are an additional cost if the student decides to attend.


‘I’ve been attending FYC for over twenty five years. I still do classes with some of the same incredible teachers that started me on my yoga journey all those years ago. I also do amazing expansive body/mind/practice classes with “new” teachers. I am so grateful for their authentic selves. Under the direction of Kate Porotto the school has grown … lot. There are two studios with timetables that range from beginners to very advanced. The teacher training course is very comprehensive and quite challenging. Kate is the nurturer and often the bridge between too hard and thanks I got this. You can speak to her about stuff you don’t even know will come up. Like a functioning family that encourages. You feel supported in your learning. Not just by the wonderful teachers but by the spirit Kate fosters In the school…. We are called upon to inspire each other in class and so we do. We are given the tools by master craftsman and like many before me I do as they say and I watch myself reflect their magic. It’s life changing.”

Bronwyn Hamilton

“The yoga teacher training at Fremantle Yoga Centre is one one of the most all-round in-depth training one can get when it comes to yoga teaching courses, mainly due to the incredible teachers that have developed and facilitate the course. A large part of the practical training is taught by the original founder of the school, yoga master Kale Leaf. Kale brings something to the table that can’t be learned from a book; 40 years of teaching experience, endless creativity when it comes to sequencing, use of probs, and supporting people in a way so that yoga can be practised by anyone including those students who live with physical ailments providing them with relief from pain through yoga. Kale will show you that yoga can be practised by anyone anywhere and how the kitchen bench and the office chair can be your best friend in yoga practise. Studying with him as a trainee will teach you the skills of a master in helping others to explore their bodies, expand their limits and connect with the endless stillness that is in all of us. The owner of the school and senior teacher Kate Porotto will guide you through the course to find your inner strengths as a teacher. Kate walks her talk and lives the yogic life. She will teach you how to connect to the heart of your students and how to help yoga students to connect to their heart during practise. All trainees get treated with much patience and respect for everyone’s personal yogic journey. Kate will also help you find your inner warrior, build your core strength and teach you some amazing yogic tricks. The other senior teacher James McIntyre will teach you the secrets and importance of the bandhas, pranayama and meditation. By including these in his classes, combined with incredible knowledge of the inner workings of human body, impeccable sequencing and innate wisdom of yogic philosophy, you will learn aspects of the yogic tradition and practise that often get bypassed or only superficially touched in some teacher training courses. This is very practical course where most of the true learning come from developing further in your personal practise and assisting in the classes of teachers who have combined yoga experience of more than a100 years of yoga experience. You will be in good hands! It is a course that allows aspiring teachers to process and integrate what is learned as it is spread out over the duration of 2 years. Allowing the student to grow and go through their personal journey and allow layers of the ego to disintegrate and becoming more and more embodied in the authentic self when teaching. This course will also serve those people who have other commitments and will allow you to work full time and attend to family life whilst studying to be a yoga teacher. This teacher training has been my home for the last 2 years and it has been my foundation whilst going though a life-changing journey. I have practised yoga all over the world and can assure you, this is the best course WA has to offer! If you are thinking about enrolling, stop thinking, just start, you won’t ever regret it.”

Nienke Rozendaal

“I started teacher training at Fremantle Yoga Centre 2 years ago and have nearly completed the course. I now know it was the right choice over the 1 month intensives offered in Bali and India. It takes time learning how to adjust correctly and watching experienced teach. Doing a module each month gave me time to reflect on each subject. This was especially crucial learning the anatomy modules and yoga philosophy. I would have no hesitation in recommending the course as the best you’ll find anywhere!”

Charlie Wittenoom

“I received my Teaching Certificate from FYC in 2006. Since then I have continued to train, teach and learn yoga. The depth of training has allowed me to teach beginners, experienced and therapeutic classes and encouraged me to explore my own practice. I am always grateful to my teachers who understand that yoga is not just a physical exercise.”

Jane Underwood


The Fremantle Yoga Centre will provide each of the students with a 20% discount on all equipment bought at the centre.

The Fremantle Yoga Centre Teacher Training Course is registered with Yoga Australia, enabling each student to register as a Level 1 member on completion of the course.


If the student cancels the enrolment within 72 hours of signing the contract and paying the deposit, a full refund will be made. Please note the deposit will be non-refundable once the student commences the course or after the 72 hour cancellation policy has expired.


A full refund will be given within 60 days in the following circumstances:

  • An enrolee is not accepted into the Teacher Training program by the school.
  • The course is discontinued, preventing the student from completing the course.
  • The student enrolment was procured as a result of misrepresentation or false advertising.

After 60 days no refund will be given and the student will be liable to pay the balance of the course fees even if they choose not to complete/drop out of the course.


Book a 30 min free consult with out Centre Director.
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