Wear comfortable clothing.
Personal hygiene is important as we share equipment.
Yoga should be done on an empty stomach where possible.


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Please see our timetable for the class durations as they vary between studios and times of the day.


These are on-going classes, which offer an introduction to the basic yoga postures & relaxation techniques. Suitable for all ages and levels of flexibility. 


Suitable for all levels, including beginners. Not matter where you are at physically or emotionally, we tailor the postures to suit your needs. 


For students who have attended beginners classes for six months or more. If you have a good solid practice, feel strong and fit then you can either choose one of our all levels class, intermediate class, active stretch or Power Hour. If you aren’t sure if you are at this level, just come and give one of the classes a try and our teachers will make sure you are well looked after and adapt poses to suit your ability and flexibility.


For those who want to take their yoga practice to a deeper level and seek a stronger, more dynamic workout. (If you are an advanced student, we have Intermediate and Advanced classes for you to choose from. The morning classes and Power Hours will also be suitable.)


As an active practice of inquiry, the benefits of this practise can be enjoyed by people of varying ages, levels of health and fitness. Classes are woven with sequence, timing, props and alignment cues to support the students journey of discovery both on and off the mat.

Hatha Vinyasa

Learn to love the asana, breathing techniques and quiet intensity of a good strong practice. Suitable for all those with some yoga experience.

Youth Yoga - 9-16 years

We run afternoon classes from Monday to Thursday at our Petra St location. Youth yoga helps children manage the stresses at school or home by increasing flexibility, strength and concentration. Plus they are creative and fun! 

Yin Yoga

Stillness, gravity and the breath will guide you into releasing deep-seated tension stored in the body, while nourishing the connective tissues and organs and improving the flow of energy throughout. Yin yoga brings an incredible space and lightness to body and mind. Suitable for all levels of practice including beginners (not suitable for pregnancy).


Postures move in a flowing manner, allowing you to move with your breath into a state of grace and mindfulness.


With an emphasis on alignment & balance for individual bodies., slower paced transitions and longer time spent in asanas, this is a healthy combo of strengthening and lengthening, while encouraging a deeper self-enquiry.  Hatha offers supported inversions, with attention to breath as a way of settling the nervous system.


This is a flowing class that sequences postures creatively and in connection to the breath. Some yoga experience is recommended but not essential as the class can be modified to suit your level.

Power Hour

A faster moving class, focusing on increasing strength and creating heat in the body to help with flexibility. Prior yoga experience is necessary or at least a strong level of fitness.


A slower paced session aimed at decompressing the spine, hips and shoulders for a more comfortable body. Stretches help untangle and release the stresses that have accumulated over time. Postures help you regain strength, balance & confidence. This is a lovely relaxed group and atmosphere. Can also be a “pitstop” class for students recovering from illness or injury.

Community Class

Held every Friday evening, this class is by donation. It is taught by our teacher trainees that have a good number of training hours completed and would love to share their new-found passion with you. The style and teacher changes weekly. 

Stretch, Relax, Renew

This class combines active stretching, breath techniques, mindfulness  and passive postures. Emphasis on breathing (pranayama) and relaxation. Suit all levels. The class finishes with 15 minutes of Sound Healing by well-recognised local Sound Healer Julian Silburn.

Active Stretch

For intermediate and experienced levels. This is a great way to start the day. The classes are invigorating but can be modified to suit your needs. Some prior yoga experience is advised.

Lunch Time Stretch

Ease the stresses that a office or work environment can create, allowing you to move through the rest of your day with ease and increased productivity. These classes will incorporate good deep stretches and breath awareness to relax but invigorate you.

Women & Pregnancy

Offers specialised attention for the pre & post natal period and a therapeutic focus for women’s menstrual disorders, menopause etc. The practice of yoga during pregnancy brings about an increased awareness of the body and the child within. The mother-to-be learns the benefits of good posture and a balance of stretching, breathing and relaxation. This helps to produce a pregnancy and birth which is a positive, natural experience and one in which the woman feels she has confidence and control. Many women discover self-belief in their bodies and ability to birth during these classes. 

Mums & Bubs

Bring your baby to our specialised classes at our Petra St location. Kate Porotto will guide you through a postnatal sequence of postures to get your strength back and tone up after pregnancy. You will also learn how to massage your baby and use yoga to help with common ailments such as colic, reflux, sleep problems as well as encourage health development.


We are recognized for our specialised yoga therapy classes. Our teachers have over 40 years of experience in therapy yoga and see many positive outcomes from the classes. Recommended for bad backs/necks, injury, illness and stress. A more individual approach to specific problems. No booking required. All welcome. 

Sound Healing

Using sound for healing, this is a deeply relaxing and restorative class that aids in chakra balancing, stress and anxiety reduction, enhanced health and vitality and mental clarity. 

Freo-beats Ecstatic Dance

This is a moving meditation. We believe dance provides a pathway to transcend our senses and develop a practise of mindfulness. Come along and experience the ecstasy (side effects include renewed lust for life!)

Corporate Yoga

We are able to create a specialised program of yoga, meditation and relaxation for your workplace, sports club or school.


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